Congratulations and Welcome to this simple training site, Where you will learn myTraffic Exchange System.

There are 8 Steps to complete. Simply Follow Instructions in each Step. After the first three steps, you will be asked to get back to me personally on Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger so I can verify your setup.  I will be able to help you.

Earning online is not difficult, but it requires preparation especially when you want high dollar monthly earnings. This system I'll show you is a result of thousands of trials and errors over a period of 7 years.

Don't underestimate what you'll learn through the 8 Steps. It is an exact science on a way of earning huge sums of income online that I use daily. I know many other ways of earning online but what I'll show you is easiest to understand and implement with very little if any investment to start-up. Most everything I suggest is free to join or download.

To avoid any complications, follow the steps exactly. If you skip steps, you'll fail period. All the pieces Fit together perfectly! Nothing is left to chance. 

Leave chance to lottery players. In my world, we take precise actions and we produce precise results! Now it's time to get to work and learn if you are up for the challenge. There may be times you'll be stuck so please ask me for support.  

Maggie Eslinger

Step 1

Start by joining All the free Traffic Exchanges and the programs down below that you are not a member to start your way towards getting 300,000 Visitors/Month To Any Web Site, but read and follow these
few instructions first...

You will Bookmark this page in your Favorites right now! It is unlikely that you will be able to join all of them in one session, even though some of you will be able to join all of them within a couple hours, there are some of you who may need to come back.  Bookmark it now and then continue reading below.

Note: If you are already a member of some exchanges below, skip them, but make sure you joined all of them below as my Method is a science down to the last hit-exchange on this list.

**An Important Step before you join the Traffic Exchanges and the programs below is to have a good email address available.  Gmail is preferred. Separate gmail accounts for your main business, traffic exchanges and safelists tied to Firefox or Microsoft Outlook is one easy way to organize your mail. 

Note: If you are already a member of some Traffic exchanges below, skip them, but make sure you join all of them below as my Method is of a cross promotion insider science.

When joining Traffic Exchanges below, you will be asked to provide a URL when joining. Use the URL of something you are or were promoting for now. Any URL that exists online will do as its only temporary just so they let you become a member. You will have your own URL in a future Step so don't worry about what you put in for now.

Some Exchanges will require you to Surf a few websites to activate your account. I suggest you do it right away as it takes very little time to surf 5 or 10 webpages and it will be done. Most will require you to click a link they'll email you after you join to verify you are a real person. This Step 1 will seperate the Dreamers from the Go-Getters simply because it may take you a few hours to complete. Later in Step 6 I will show you how to surf them all at the same time for Massive Traffic results!

(Clicking a link will open in a new window so you don't lose focus on this list.) Go ahead and become a member of the programs below... Also use the same username and password for all the programs when possible to make your login easier to recall. Write down your username, ID and affiliate URL for each TE in a Word document or spreadsheet for future reference.

Internet marketing success- will only come through, dedication, hard work, focus, hunger and a strong burning desire to reach your dreams and goals, it will not come by chance, luck, timing or any lottery will not get rich overnight.

Frequently asked questions: What is a safelist, what is a traffic exchange, how do you set up email filters?

1)   Email Filters

2)   How Do Traffic Exchanges And Safelists Work?

Important**If you are brand new to internet marketing and don't have a clue what a traffic exchange or a safelist is, before signing up to all the programs here, we recommend you first join TE Profits, owned by Scott Douglas and go through all of the training and videos in the back office, before continuing here. Our training here is very advanced, I do not want you joining a bunch of programs here not knowing what they are or what they do.

Join TE Profits FREE By clicking below:


Check Out TeamEliteResponder:

TeamEliteResponder has easy to edit capture pages, auto responders, tracking and other features too numerous to name here.  I use the auto responder and the tracking features.  It has a reasonable  monthly fee to start which you can upgrade as your business grows.  This program was developed to help GDI marketers but it has been expanded to include SFI and many other companies.  For more info visit my blog post at

Join Traffic Exchanges:

Big Exchanges:

Surf Together For Rewards:

Surf Together For Rewards:  

Surf Together For Rewards:

Land Marketing Traffic Exchanges: 

Normally Have Lots of Promotions:

Matthew Graves Group:
(You can transfer Your Credits from his TE's here for mailings and earn 100% commissions on upgraded accounts)  (Easy to Surf Exchange)  (Easy to Surf Exchange) (Easy to Surf Exchange and safelist) (Safelist - also transfer available)

These are new hybrid traffic exchanges, add their Co-Op URLs to your favorite surfing traffic exchanges to earn credits. When you surf your Favorite Traffic Exchange as usual, this ultra simple system will do the rest and you will be able to display your ad at hundreds of different traffic exhanges.

Assorted Exchanges:

I have given you an assortment of traffic exchanges, they all have different qualities.  Some will use up your credits very quickly, others more slowly.  Some are fairly new like No Bull Shit Traffic and Legacy Hits and others have been around for years.  I personally belong to nearly 100 traffic exchanges, but thought that entire list would be too much to handle for a beginner.   Be sure to review your emails from the traffic exchanges every day to look for promotions and surf prizes.

I joined this some time ago, and now it is nearing the end of March 2014, 5MM has officially launched and I am in profit, and that's the name of the game.  Made over $600 so far.  Check this out

It's a pretty insane new system for making money online...and the most
exciting part is that EVERYONE gets paid! Even if you're the last person to join and never recruit anyone...


Kimball Roundy is the guy who put it together, he's built some of the most successful systems that have ever been online.

It's pretty crazy, you can join for free with no obligation so you should check it out.

Safelist And Listbuilders: Make sure you have a gmail email account, and know how to set up email filters and understand how they work, there is a link above that will show you how. You will get a ton of email from each safelist. They are very effective!





5)  (This is free to join for banner advertising.  Do not discount banners because if they are clicked it indicates a genuine interest in your offer)

6)  - Solo Emails by Supercharged Solo Ads
Promote or use this Super responsive new mailer owned by Matthew Graves.  It is not a safelist and you can purchase mailings with a minimum guaranteed click rate of 1,000.  It is a good alternative to purchasing traffic exchange credits.  40% commissions are earned on referral purchases and can be paid instantly for upgraded members. Commissions are paid through JVZoo. Click here to sign up for an affiliate account at JVZoo.

(Free Promo Codes for Safelists) - I suggest that you join them after you have completed all the training steps)

Url tracking and monitoring: You need to know where your subscribers and signups are coming from otherwise you are blindly advertising and possibly wasting your efforts and money.  A number of the traffic exchanges have free trackers and rotators so pick one or two and set up your tracking after you have your splash pages uploaded.

1)  (Hitsviral has a limited free tracker, a good option when just starting out)


3) http://myhooplatracker/r.cgi/6726  (This site will give you a free tracker program and instructions to install on your website host.  Each domain has to have it's own tracker installed.  I have installed this on my website domain and it works perfectly.  To use this tracker you must go to My Hoopla Tracker obtain new download files for each domain or sub domain. This program is handy if you are using safelists or twitter.) 

4)  (Free membership allows rotators and tracker but does not track conversions)

Once you have joined, verified your email with all of them and fully activated each account, procede to Step 2 by clicking the link below. All Exchange programs above have the highest membership base combined from a list of 171. It may take a few days with some to join up and others will be immediate. Only go to (Step 2) If you have completed this step fully by clicking below.

Bring me to Step 2

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